Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lessons from 100 Years

There is a woman I worked with that is near 100 years old. She in fact is the oldest person I have ever been around. I have been fortunate enough to spend time with her every day for two entire work weeks.

I am in awe of her spirit. Every morning when I come in to help her get dressed, she greats me with enthusiasm and her daughter has maintained by her side for her entire hospital stay.

I sit there and wonder what kind of life she must have lived. Her spirit is infectious. She has me singing "Love and Marriage"  in the shower when I get home from work. I adore spending time with this woman because I want to hear more about her life. Every single staff member craves spending time with this woman.

I think about this lady and I only hope that when I am older, my spirit will radiate from me like hers does. She has strong faith in God and appreciates all the small things in life. Most importantly she is so grateful for everyone around her. She states her opinion when necessary, and most definitely is not a push over.

Now I am left to think about what I can learn from this woman. How can I make myself better and more enjoyable to be around?

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  1. What a blessing your relationship with this woman ha been! And how great that you realize the knowledge she has to father's roommate ( when he was in the nursing home ) was 94 years old, and I sooo enjoyed visiting with him and listening to his life stories. I miss fact, I think I am going to call him right now! Thanks for the reminder! : )