Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Silliest Way to Say Goodbye

My daughter came home from school with all these hilarious new ways to say goodbye. Then my husband and I made up some of our own.
Bye bye, butterfly
In a while, crocodile
See you soon, you baboon
Give a hug, ladybug
Blow a kiss, jellyfish
Out the door, dinosaur
Send some love, dove
Do a jig, pig
Go for a jog, dog

Then last night, as I was saying goodnight, my daughter made up one of her own:

Rub my belly, cupcake
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  1. Cute! And what a cute picture of the pig in rain boots : )
    Bless you, Gail

  2. I love this!!!! It made me smile! And that pig in rainboots... too cute!!! Happy Wednesday!