Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blessings While Playing the Waiting Game

A time for change has officially arrived! I graduated, the baby is only 2 months away from making his debut, I found a job and our lease ends soon so we are officially on the house hunt!

I am patiently waiting for the testing company to process my graduation information so I can take my national board exam. In the meantime.. I am studying. ALOT. TOO MUCH.

Right about the time we started looking for a home to purchase, all the houses we were interested in magically went off the market. So we are waiting. Waiting for a house to come up, that we like, in our price range and in the area we want.

Did I mention I am also waiting for this baby!?!?! Not to say that I don't truly adore getting winded when reading bedtime stories. Or when my biggest accomplishment of the day seems to be staying awake for more than 2 hours at a time.

So I don't make myself crazy... I will share the SO MANY good things that have been happening lately!

A few days ago it was our anniversary! We celebrated with a little sparkling grape juice (and wine for him!).

My husband also got me this cute card to keep me motivated.

Did I mention that someone is really pumped up about being a big sister?

Speaking of the baby, we have been so blessed with all that we have been given. A lovely fellow blogger sent us hand-me-down baby boy clothes (That are in awesome shape!). My sister-in-law put together some more hand-me-downs and everyone at my husband's work chipped in to put together some money to give us a mini baby shower. We now are so set for this baby!

My parents let us use their timeshare for a weekend. We were able to spend some much time in the pool and exploring nearby trails.

So many good changes to come (because every sane person graduates, starts a new job, buys a house and has a baby all within the span of 3 months right?!). I thought so!

Keep me from going a little crazy and feel free to share the good things happening in your life!!!


  1. Yay for you! So happy for all the exciting things in your life now! Can't wait to meet your new blessing. : )

    As for me...good things= my kids not going back to school!! Can't wait to start Cyberschool in September! Also feeling that hint of crispness in the air, promising autumn is near.

    Enjoy your happy things, friend. And thank you for reminding me to stop and think of mine.

  2. Excited for you!!! Yes, many big changes, but just take it all in stride! It sounds like you've got all the big bases covered...except for maybe the house!!! Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers these next few weeks!