Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pintrest-y Christmas Season Ideas

Advent and Christmas are approaching quickly! I love Christmas-y crafts and buying from small businesses. Here is a collection of ideas that I have put together. Of course I can take credit for none of them. All the links are provided so you can find more information. Enjoy!

Nativity Gingerbread House from PinkStinx

Advent Calendar from Little House Blog
No-Sew Tree Skirt from MyCrazyLife

DIY Elf Felt Cookies for the Preschooler in Your Life from EverNeverAgain

Gift Homemade Soap for a Good Friend from Black Kettle Company
Gift Adorable Fabric Flower Necklaces from Happy Little Lovelies
Buy to Help Mothers in Kenya from MercyHouse
Bake Jesus a Birthday Cake from Tingible
Make Your Own Ornaments from Seven Layer Studio


  1. All great ideas! Thank you for sharing... So excited for Advent and Christmas, aren't you! : )

  2. I like that ornament. I'll have to show it to my wife.