Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Homemade Christmas

A few days ago I questioned my little on what she wanted for Christmas. Her initial response made me melt. She said, "I just only want a picture of mama, dada and me for my room. I just already have lots of things, I don't need anymore things". 

Upon further reflection, she decided that she would indeed like some "oven puppets" (oven mitts), a real kitchen that works and is the right size for her, a balloon and a flower for Christmas. I think Santa can make 3/4 of those happen. Easy bake ovens just aren't made for 3 year olds I have decided. In addition to those gifts I'm planning to get her some new watercolor paints, coloring books and some underwear.

We got some Christmas/Advent decorating done thanks to my mom who supplied most of the decorations. We made the rest.

Our Advent wreath

Beautiful trees my mom brought over, and a gingerbread train station my daughter and I made from a kit my mom brought us.

Our snowman display

Our coffee table center piece

I strung some plastic ornaments on some twine for the windows (please excuse the poor picture quality- they really did turn out cute)

More plastic ornaments used

Our Christmas tree (please ignore the fact that it is badly leaning) We are limited in our ornaments so I made bows and hung cheap candy canes on the tree!
I also put up a Christmas count down santa, a wreath outside and a picture of an ornament I painted. The camera didn't make it to them... One day I'd love to also get a Nativity Scene, but I want a nice one and they are too expensive this year!

I'm linking up with NFP and Me.

How have you decorated? What are you planning to get others for Christmas?


  1. Ornaments in glass containers are so lovely! And very popular recently... I need to jump on that bandwagon! Love your decor :)

  2. Everything is beautiful, Mama Leigh! I agree with Hilary above...the ornaments in the glass look beautiful! And I agree about the easy bake oven...we have been there...ugh! : )

  3. I love everything you did with the ornaments, especially the ones on the window. What a cute idea!

    Thanks for linking up! Merry Christmas!