Tuesday, December 18, 2012

God Was There

I have spent the good majority of the past week immersed in the news. My heart is broken for these 20 children and 6 adults that were killed. I didn't know what to say and I still don't. I know that all the deceased are now free from suffering in heaven...but I just cannot comprehend what happened.

I have spent countless hours asking God why this happened and where He was when this happened. Why did so many innocent people have to die? What happened in Adam Lanza's life that pushed him toward committing such an evil and heartless act?

 Then it occurred to me that God didn't abandon anyone. He was there. He mourned over Adam Lanza's decision. He begged him to change his mind. He mourned for the families that would lose their children that day. He held and comforted the children as they took their last breathes. He gave teachers and the principal courage to protect their students. He held students hands as they hid in terror in the bathrooms and closets of the school. He inspired the first responders to get as many people safety out of the building as possible. I know God was deeply saddened by the crimes committed, but He was there.

Now He is here with our country. We must turn towards prayer. We must invite Jesus into our homes. We must hug our children and them how much we love them. We must be Jesus to those around us. Love and compassion needs to shine through us all.

The love of Jesus will carry this country and the families and friends of the deceased in this time of mourning.

My prayers are with all those who lost their loved ones.