Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Lions World: A Preschool Activity

I was given the challenge of creating a therapy session at school, so naturally I tried it out on my daughter to see how it went. She is obsessed with lions, so I decided to take that theme and run with it! Really. She often roars and shouts, "I'm a lion, I'm so scary!"

So today, we were lions!
We used our imaginations (an important preschool/ life skill).

We created lion masks.
We colored, then cut- both important fine motor (finger) skills.

And lived in this lion den for the day.
We had to think really hard to plan out how to make the fort. Then there were the decisions of how big to make the fort, what it would be made out of, and what would go in it. We picked a whole bunch of items with different textures- great for sensory.

 Then for added fun we read lion books, and watched The Lion King (but not the scary parts, of course).
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I have decided that I think I could enjoy being 3 again!

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