Friday, August 31, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 Your 7 Quick Takes Toolkit!
Number 1
Just got back from a wonderful trip to Hawaii with my family.
View from our room

View from the zip-line tour

All geared up to go snorkeling

View from train ride

Number 2
This is my first time to do Conversion Diary's Friday Quick Takes! I'm actually quite new at blogging too. Welcome to everyone who is visiting for the first time. You might want to take a look at the little I have done in my blog's short life:

Number 3
When I told my daughter we were going to go on a big airplane to Hawaii, she jumped up and down and shouted, "We are going to the moon!" I had to let her down easy....

Number 4
I got a little crazy last week, and CUT MY OWN HAIR! I actually like how it turned out, I took about 4 inches off. Oh, and I saved $35. Whoohoo moment! However... don't think I will be doing it again.

Number 5
I start back up at school this week. My final semester of classes. I could not be more excited for this aspect of my life to move forward.

Number 6
We went back to school shopping for my daughter's first day of preschool, and I caved and bought Dora light up shoes, and a Cinderella backpack. She officially will be one of those kids, with the light up shoes... but I couldn't say no, because they were cheaper then the other option. Ha! Oh well I guess.

Number 7
Thanks for joining me!

Now I'll send you back to Conversion Diary to check out her blog and more 7 Quick Takes Fridays!


  1. I'm jealous you went to Hawaii. I've never been!

    I have my husband cut my hair the vast majority of the time. I go to Hair Cuttery like once a year and get a $20 hair cut. Basically, it looks the same whether he does it or someone else does it and I'd rather have the $20 for something else. It does cause me much hair angst though.

  2. Hawaii really was awesome. But don't get too jealous, I have been just about no where else :) I am really impressed that you let your husband cut your hair. Ha I don't think I'd ever let my husband get near me with a pair of scissors. I do however cut his and my daughters hair, which saves us money!